1923 Cadillac Suburban 4-door Sedan 7-Passenger
V-63 (early for 1924, July 10, 1923)

Model Choices:
Coupe (2-door), Touring (convertible),
Suburban (enclosed, large, luxurious with fold up seats),
Limousine (partitioned), Imperial Limousine (spare tire mounted at driver's side),
Town Brougham * (open driver's perch), Landau (rear side ornaments)
Phaeton (trunk rack), Victoria (roomier interior & front hinged doors)

*Origin: 185055; named after Lord Brougham (17781868)

Price in 1923 $3,085
Weight 4,280

Serial numbers were not used.
Engine numbers are stamped on crankcase
by right hand bank of cylinders.

Engine Numbers 63-A-1225 (63-A-1 to 61-H-1550 [1923-1924])
Manufacture Date 7-10-23

53622-A (Style 5362)

98 80268 (additional numbers)

Body by Fisher

The Cadillac V-63, a large, luxurious automobile
introduced in September 1923 as a 1924 model,
replaced the previous Type 61.

Improved version of the L-head V-8 engine that made Cadillac famous.
Cross-plane crankshaft improved balance and smoothness.

Enclosed Model
exterior dark green / black
interior light green velour
fold-up rear seats

Soft Roof Construction!
Leather Covered Exterior Fixed Sun Visor!
Upper & Lower Ventilating Windshields!
Brass door handles!

Combined clock and speedometer with trip reset,
combination ammeter, oil and fuel gauge, cowl vent (controlled below dash),
combination lights and ignition switch, dash lamp, auxiliary air pump,
headlight tilt button, auxiliary air valve button on dash,
cigar lighter with extension cord, windshield wiper and rear view mirror stands.

L-Head V8, 314.5 cubic inch, 85 horsepower engine
Firing order 1L-4R-4L-2L-3R-3L-2R-1R
132" Wheel Base
front/rear tread 56"
tires 33 x 5

All Nickel Headlamps, Sidelamps and Hubcaps.
Twelve Spoke Hickory Wood Wheels!
Rare Rear Mounted Twin Wheel Spares!

Thermostatically controlled carburetor for use with high or low octane fuels;
greater fuel economy; easier starting and quicker acceleration.

Cadillac V-63, Expect Great Things; Splendidly Realized!


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Cadillac Distributors, Dealers, Salesmen





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