1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria
Skyliner Six Fordomatic 1955-1956

2-door Six Seater Hardtop Coupe
rare green acrylic see-through roof over front seat
with interior zippered sunshade
paint white / red
interior red
vin# U5FF173978 $48,000

odometer 23,728 (123,728)
production 1,999
condition rating #3 = 79 Fine
older restoration, show quality

Let the sunshine in with this rare 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner Coupe, an original 64B "Glasstop Vicky" with green acrylic half-roof bubble window over front seat!

See-through roof accompanied by sunshade zip-in headliner on the inside and flashy stainless steel band crowned roof-line on the outside!

As you slip behind the wheel, feel the thrill of the panoramic wrap-around wind-shield with over a square foot of added "look-out" area!

Enjoy the Fabulous Fifties color combination with white upper body, red lower body, and white and red vinyl interior featuring six-seater sofa-wide seats!

Inspired by Ford Thunderbird styling with wide smartly contoured grille, visored headlamps and fin-shaped rear fender line.

Uniquely Crown Vic with shiny stainless v-shaped trim, fender skirts and Continental Kit spare tire carrier on extended rear bumper.

Stock original 272 Y-block V-8 and Ford-O-Matic Transmission.

MagicAire Heating, Ventilating, Defrosting System instrument panel controls slide smoothly but needs blower motor replaced and door floor sill needs some patchwork.

Limited Edition Collectible, one of 1,999 built, approximately only 50 remaining in existence!

transmission automatic 3 speed (Fordomatic)
starts in 2nd gear, shifts to third in D position
shift to L for first gear manually

Ford Y-block OHV V-8, 272
176 horsepower
RWD (rear wheel drive)
carburetor 1 barrel Holly
mph top speed when new 96
mpg 11.4
fuel tank 16.9 gallons

weight 3,660 pounds
length 198.5 inches.
width 75.9 inches
height 58.2 inches
wheelbase 115.5 inches
tires 6.70 x 15 (Power King 14L045 14F145)

1955 Crown Victoria Skyliner Newspaper clipping

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