1991 Cadillac Brougham
6-door State Car S+S

General Motors (1987-1992)
Arlington Assembly, Texas
Production Limousines (Unknown)
Sedans 27,231 (1991), 233,631 (1987-1992)

Origin, British Statesman, Henry Brougham
"The English Stroll"

vin# 1G6DW5474NR710575

Odometer 46,711 08/10/2013

interior dark blue velour
exterior black sapphire
Second Row Sliding Reversible Tilt Seat!
Standard Door-Mounted Automatic Front Seat Belts!

Digital Dash Cluster!
Electronic Climate Control!
Cadillac Stock Stereo with
preset equalization and Dolby B NR!

5.7 Liter, 350 cubic inch,
L05/LL0 FI V8, 185 horsepower

Padded Vinyl Over Entire Roof,
B-pillar and Rear Quarter Window!
Stylish Flush Bumper Moldings!

4-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 200-4R automatic
with Oldsmobile V8

Rear Wheel Drive
wheelbase 121.5 inches
length 24.0 feet
width 75.3 inches
height 57.4 inches

Tires: Uniroyal Tiger Paw Freedom
P235/75R15XL 108S M+S

MAX. LOAD 900kg (2183 LBS)
MAX. PRESS. 280 kPa 41PSI

Previously Owned By:
Family Care LLC
DBA Kiesau-Marler Funeral Home
2500 W Modelle Avenue
Clinton OK 73601

Oklahoma License Plate 015CVK
MAR 2005
Odometer: 46,649 (11/20/2004)
Odometer: 43,499 (11/10/2003)





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